Ranch Internship

We offer two options for young people interested in what we’re doing at RHR.  The first is more technical in nature, the second more cultural.  

Ranch and Range Management Internship

Are you a student interested in advancing your range management skills?  Please consider applying for our internship for summer and/or fall of 2017.  Expect to gain real-world experience with the ideas and concepts you have learned in the classroom.  Here’s what you can expect from this opportunity:

Practical Experience

– Range Monitoring – implement a monitoring plan to measure progress toward site-specific goals

– Cattle herd management – low-stress handling methods, herd health & nutrition, using horses and/or ATV’s for moving and checking, temporary electric fencing as part of a short-duration, high-intensity grazing system

– Range weed control & utilization – Chemical, behavior modification (training cattle to eat them), managing biological control via insects

– Wildlife habitat management – helping establish and maintain food plots, nesting habitat, and shelterbelts (trees)

– General ranch work – hay production, fencing, operating and maintaining machinery

– Opportunities to attend workshops and training seminars on topics such as range management, livestock handling, and soil heath in the area.


Wage depends on experience.


Room and board are provided.  Home-cooked meals every day.  See the Lodging page for photos.

Dates & Work Schedule

The internship is for no less than three months.  The specific dates are flexible, depending on the your school or work schedule.  Interns are expected to work roughly the same hours we do, which varies day to day.  Expect 10 to 12 hour days normally, with gusts of 14 to 15.  Sundays and some Saturdays off, as well as holidays and five personal days.

Before you apply, please make sure you understand where we’re located.   We’re not in the middle of nowhere, but we’re the last exit before it.  Walmart is 90 miles away.  Somehow we manage, so I know you can too.  Just be aware of the situation.  Thanks.

The application deadline for our 2017 summer internship has passed.  If you are interested in applying for 2018, please come back in the fall of 2018 and we will have a link to the application posted.

For further questions about the internship, please contact us here.  

To apply for the Ranch and Range Management Internship, click here.

Ranch Living Experience

Living on a ranch consists of more than just saddling up your horse and riding the range all day.  Our Ranch Life experience will allow you to get a taste of what its like to live on a ranch in a different way than our Ranch Management internship would. Here’s what you can expect:

– Care for barnyard animals such as chickens and orphan calves

– Learn how to grow your own food from a certified Master Gardener (Garnet) as you help in the garden

– Develop time-honored culinary skills, such as canning and baking delicious bread from scratch, while helping prepare food for the family and visitors

– Help occasionally with other ranch work, such as building fence, gathering hay, and checking water for the cattle

– Use social media to tell others about what’s happening at the ranch

This is an unpaid position.  Room and board are provided.  If you wish to bring your own horse, we’ll board it at no cost. Dates and duration of the position are flexible, but generally two to four weeks, sometime between May 1 and November 1.  The deadline to apply is March 1, 2017.

To apply for the Ranch Living Experience, click here. 


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